Hello Luna is an alternative-rock trio that blends smooth pop vocals with underlying tones of power-pop-rock edginess. The concept of Hello Luna began when Kenzie Ryan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) was recording demos and was introduced to session-drummer Michael Neumaier. After several months of preparation, Kenzie decided to make the move from solo-artist to a full band. This is when the band found Diego Villasmil (bass). Each member has been musically involved in separate projects over the last 10 years but it was all solidified as of January 2016. The band’s first release “Stitching Holes” was a demo with the pure intention of introducing the sonic concept of the band, but it already has received a great reception along with recent interests from the Columbus Dispatch and online blog site TunedUp.


She is awesome and rocks your possum.


He's the bassist, melting faces.


He's the drummer, what a bummer.